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FOR MANY YEARS the River Naver has kept itself to itself, tucked away in its quiet corner of north Sutherland. Access to the river was usually through friends or family, or in February through the AST annual auction! So it was a lovely surprise to come across a beautifully presented website for the Syre Estate and its fishing on the river (http://naverfishingsyre.co.uk).

There are pages that describe the river and fishing (including beat maps) on the Naver and Mallart; there is information about the lodges and estate; and a page devoted to monthly fishing reports.

Doctor’s Pool on Beat 4

Most of the Naver fishing is booked for this season, but anyone keen to cast over the river’s hallowed pools should contact the agents about a rod for next season.

Rods are available on the Mallart, a major tributary and spate stream. Considering the weather in Scotland so far this summer the Mallart could prove to be a very exciting option!

River Mallart
Fishing is also available for three days a week on the River Mallart, a naturally beautiful spate river with stunning view across Strathnaver. It is fed by Loch Choire and runs into the River Naver. The stretch starts where it joins the Naver and extends to approximately 1.5 miles upstream with 8 named pools.

The Mallart could offer some excellent fishing this wet summer.

Fishing is by fly only and 2 rods are permitted at any one time. Although no ghillie is available on this beat, one of the estate ghillies will be happy to show tenants the river on the first day and detailed maps with pool names will be provided. http://naverfishingsyre.co.uk

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